Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ecological Effects of Wave Energy Development in the PNW

In October 2007, Oregon a diverse group of some 50 marine scientists from around the country participated in a 3 day workshop on the ecological effects of wave energy. The principal objectives of the workshop were o develop an initial assessment of the potential impacting agents and ecological effects of wave energy development, and 2) to formulate a general conceptual framework of physical and biological relationships that can be applied to specific wave energy projects.

The report that came out of the workshop was just released. Check it out:

Ecological Effects of Wave Energy Development in the Pacific Northwest
A scientific workshop, October 11-12, 2007
Editors George W. Boehlert, Gregory R. McMurray, and Cathryn E. Tortorici

Click here to download (2.5 MB .pdf)

The Power of Water

The colossal power of the ocean continues to attract companies around the world.

Check out this insightful video from the NY times