Friday, March 18, 2011

Marine and Hydrokinetic Renewable Energy Bill Introduced in Senate

On March 17th, Senators Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich of Alaska introduced the "Hydrokinetic Renewable Energy Promotion Act of 2011” (S. 630), which would authorize the Department of Energy (DOE) to expand its research and development on marine and hydrokinetic renewable energy. The bill calls for the creation of three testing facilities to be developed by states, universities, or non-profit entities to test marine hydrokinetic technology, and would establish a Federal Marine-Based Energy Device Verification program to certify the performance of new marine technologies. The bill would also authorize the Federal government to set up an adaptive management program and a fund to help pay for the regulatory permitting and development of new marine technologies.


Dave said...

To those concerned about this Bill:

My first question is “Why” limit the Technology of Hydrokinetic’s as outlined within the Bill:
“`(5) ELIGIBILITY- To be eligible for a grant under this subsection, an applicant for a grant shall--
`(A) be--
`(i) a nonprofit institution;
`(ii) a State or local government;
`(iii) an institution of higher education;
`(iv) a National Laboratory; or
`(v) a Center established under section 634; and

Does our Government not have the faith and trust in “for-profit” enterprise companies of our Country or believe we are able to demonstrate reliable, functional and sustainable Energy systems as well as any “nonprofit”, academia or other Agencies could?

We have spent over 5 years developing our Hydrokinetic System at our own expense, do they assume we are not passionate or dedicated to our System development?

What resource do you leave for us? What benefit is there for our Government? Why should you consider strong financial support for private industry?
How about employment, Salaries, Economic Growth and Taxes; just for starters.

For-profit companies will bring the Technologies to the consumer quicker, at less cost and with value added economics brought to their communities in a broader spectrum of employment, community benefits and taxes infused into their region and we’ll do it with better products (not to say that R&D won’t continue, it always will) and less cost to the consumer at large.

In most cases it will take much longer for Technologies to roll out and then, when (and if) they do they will usually go to favored or at the very least substantially sustainable Companies that are already within the pipeline of non-competitive companies (in other words the big boys the have the dollars and clot to support what they want; the little guys or Mom and Pop type developers stand little chance to move ahead).

Our case is a prime example but we are in no way alone in this situation.
Our Hydrokinetic Energy System is simple, it’s Patented (others Pending), it’s very cost effective, it’s 100% Marine and Environmentally friendly, it’s unseen in it’s operating environment, it’s scalable, it’s capable of multi-tasking operations, it’s deployable quickly in a project, it could be portable to a degree, it’s expandable, it requires no head pressure or damming and is sustainable in water flow velocities of 3+ mph. It’s applicable to man-made Canals, Channels, Rivers, Ocean Currents, Tidal flows or nearly any application where there is flowing water to support it.
We are in our Final Phase of development but need financial assistance to complete our build out and certification testing; in all about 5 to 7 months to complete and have a factory ready application in place for production.
We would like to do a 5+ MegaWatt demo project someplace; preferably a Canal application where we have a controllable environment but will consider any suggestions.
We don’t mind the association with a nonprofit or Academia or even NREL or other Governmental Organization but not as the primary recipient nor as the primary investigator of Technology; strictly as a secondary support activity with an interest and dedication to help bring about advancements for our people and Nation, not for self indulgence or fame.
Any interest would be very much appreciated and welcomed with a transparent exchange of information and respect.
David M. Brockes
Jim Helfrich
Global Energies, Inc

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